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Silage Mod (Translated)
Thumbs Up Silage Mod (Translated) 12-31-2014, 08:03 AM
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The mod adds standard silos, whether installed on standard or Modmaps to a handful of features. I want to make the rollers on the silo to his driving and interesting task, which it indeed is quite real. From the standard script is get with small changes a lot, so I sit here aware of - simply because it is not tied to specific Mapobjekte / maps etc.
V2.0: Converts to LS15 and a few trifles extended (Changelog see below)
New in V1.2: grass silage and silage with potatoes! (See below for details)

Wodran's all been screwed:

* The individual "heap" are now compressed separately. It is no longer enough somehow on the silo rumzuturnen, you really have to work through everything clean.

* The degree of compaction affects the filling level of (uncompressed material has about three times the volume). You can see and thus realize the compaction.

* The degree of compaction of the current single cluster is also displayed in the InfoBox to the overall degree of compaction

* Chaff removal with shovels / sliding shields is now possible

* Filling the silo with shovels / sliding shields is now possible

* "Wide Drive" is almost going down to zero. (Pull sliding plate, these are the things thereWink)

* If too much uncompacted material on a site is (a part heap) hinders the densification. How much and how fast depends on the difficulty. (Details as an extra point below)

* Compression speed and maximum bunkerSiloCompactionScale depend on the level of difficulty.

* You can cover the silo at any time provided that at least 10% fill level (standard condition) OR 120000 Chaff in it. The latter is intended for mod-maps, where huge capacities are registered in the silo. The compression is irrelevant.

* Material can become moldy. Here, each individual pile is considered separately, ie it may well be that the silage is well up to the rest behind it. Moldy material can be removed as heck.

* The opening of the silo after the fermentation is done manually. Anyone who wants to can the silo later shut up again (by special request))

* The stretch Siloverteiler of Katsuo is specifically supported: When it is turned on and properly in the material you get a similar comparative moderation as they have been previously achieved by driving over them in Standardsilo.

* To distribute by sliding plate in addition to the published alongside shovelMovementFill-Mod is highly recommended.

Too much uncompacted material:

What's been pushed me angry that it has nothing at all if you have only fully popped the hopper, and then a little bit in front of the cover is rolled over it yet. The current version is as follows furnishings: The first part 25m³ per bunch are free (unloaded and properly distributed over the whole silo has advantagesWink). After that, depending on the difficulty down the compression speed. In light only relatively slowly and only to one-half. On the other hand, quite heavy and fast down to 10%. So it makes perfect sense for the roll master the whole first distributed properly and then getting stuck. How much compression is impaired can be read in the infobox of the number of (!) In the output.

There are two different scenarios in which the formation of mold occurs.

inadequate compaction

It is now possible at any time to cover up the silo, provided there is enough (at least 10%, or 120,000 liters, whichever is less). The rot has gotten a random effect. Basically, moldy also a perfectly compacted pile. The probability for this is - depending on difficulty - at 1% / 2% / 3% (Basic, Normal, Hard). Come again for each% point of the missing during compaction of single pile also 1% / 2% / 3% added (Easy, Normal, Hard).

Lightweight, compacted pile to 95%. 1% (underlying) 5 * 1% (5% compression missing) = 6% probability that the individual pile moldy. This is about one in 17. Here goes go ..

Heavy, pile on 92% consolidates:
3% (base) 3 * 8% = 27% probability that the individual pile moldy. Who is not compacted properly with almost a third failure while ...

For too long, open storage

What has always annoyed me at Standardfahrsilo: You could tilt the stuff there and leave it for weeks. This went partly to the point that you have harvested the corn, newly planted and harvested again and then having to compress both batches together and to ferment. If you think about it once: Does not ...

If you let the chaff (chaff) lying around now open for too long captures the well at some point to become moldy. From a more technical reasons for a small minimum quantity required in the cluster (8000 chaff, so not much). The speed of this depends on the difficulty. Once the minimum quantity is exceeded one has to light 6 days to close the silo to normal 3 and Heavy 2 days. When fermenting it's all just around making durable, and can be felt on the site and I think. If you compressed the stuff reasonably can double the time to decay to a maximum.
* The first and the last bunch are not quite as high as the rest. As a result, it is better to come up out of the silo.
* The original "wide driving" is not completely turned off. However, still less noticeable, with a slight dependence on the degree of difficulty. For larger redistribution shield blade are to be indispensable.
* Not my change, but important: Even the standard blades in LS15 can push Chaff! Thanks Giants! Smile
* Shader colors adapted to the new texture.
Open / close * Silo now only works when you got out.
Easily changed * Implementation into play, should make less problems with other mods.
* If you fill Silohaufen at least 40% with grass, then no "normal" but silage grass silage (dryGrass_windrow) is generated, which is used as hay in the diet mixers.
* If blades can see no dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow is loaded into the blades
* If you mix the chopped material between 10% and 40% under potatoes is directly produced a high quality feed mixture (removal as compound feed).
* Height difference between compressed and uncompressed mass slightly reduced
* Minor bugfixes

* Easy to do the zip in the mods folder. Done.
* MP works
* Even if the question is still 3x come: No, a partial uncovering as Headys BGA silo LS11 can not be implemented by script changes and it will be with this script, either in this age or in later versions. It just does not work. Is not very often when prompted.

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