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|DD| Rules & Guidelines
|DD| Rules & Guidelines 11-18-2014, 10:57 PM
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|DD| Rules and Guidelines

If you want a place to actively play great games with good and likeminded people, |DD| is the place to be. But we do ask everyone to please follow these simple rules and guidelines;

Be Respectful

-We like to keep a family atmosphere here, so we ask everyone to always treat people fairly and act civil and friendly to everyone.

-We welcome members of all age groups, so please keep it suited for all ages at all times, unless in the company of adults in a channel or server that is locked to minors, but even then the basic rules of decent behaviour will apply of course.

-We do not allow cussing, foul or racial language, offensive nicknames, arguing or fighting or any type of discrimination or any generally unaccepted behaviour.
If you have an issue with someone, there are proper channels to handle any possible dispute, more about that later.

-We ask you to keep all topics related to politics, religion, drugs and sex, off of our public forums and our voice communications server. These topics are not suited for our goals, and in our experience never lead to great things. So please avoid these subjects. We do allow a little off-color content in the adult-only 'locker room' section of our forums, but even here, keep it respectful please.

-If you have any suggestions, questions, or remarks about a game, a server, or anything website or just |DD| related, please write them down in the appropriate sections on the forums, or save them for a time when it is not disruptive to a game being played on a server at that moment. Also, please Don't SPAM people on in game messages, personnel massages, email, or the message board.

-We'd like you to be polite on the clan voice communications channel by verbally saying "hello and good bye" to your fellow community members. Be welcoming to new players and members, and try to help others if and when you can, because we all had to start somewhere.

-Recruiting for other communities or gaming clans, and any type of commercial advertising is not allowed. Such content will be removed by the administrative team.

-Remember, you are a guest in our house and you should act accordingly towards us and everybody that you are playing with, as we too will do our best to be good hosts.

Play With Honor

-These apply when playing any of the games we play, on any of our servers;

-Anything that doesn't support your team, like team-killing, excessive chat, excessive voting, interfering with a teammate's play, etc. is not allowed.

-If somebody is clearly new to a game and they are not too sure what to do or are making mistakes, please help them! Do not berate them for their ignorance, but teach them the proper way so that they can be a better player.

-Any form of cheating, hacking, glitching, griefing, the use of aimbots, wallhacks, etc, are all punishable by excommunication from our community (servers, groups, voice chat, and website). Any person playing with an unfair advantage will be caught and will be banned. We have zero tolerance for cheating.

-We also encourage players not to result to cheap moves and tactics (spawn camping is a good example). We are called Death before dishonor for a reason. Just because a certain way of taking out your foe might be within the boundaries of the game rules and our rules, doesn't mean it is a good way to behave.

-Play with honor. Win with humility. Lose with dignity.

Enforcement of our Rules

-To enforce the rules we generally ask, warn, kick, and then ban. So we give everyone plenty of opportunity to better their behavior. But depending on the severity and history of whoever is breaking the rules, we might go directly to a kick or a ban. There are a lot of good, kind and serious players out there, we want this to be where they/you choose to play.

-Note that all of the administrators are also here to have a good time with everyone, so we don't put up with much bad behaviour before action is taken. Expect us to keep things short, honest and direct.

-If you need to report a player who has violated our rules, please do so by clicking and reading here.

-If you have been banned for violating our rules, and wish to be forgiven, or if you feel you have been wrongly accused, please report to the Banned Players forum to plead your case.

-Be warned that our admins are quite good at catching liars, especially cheaters, so don't waste our time with a made up story. There's always a chance of forgiveness for those who tell the truth, but there is absolutely no room for liars.

-If you feel one of our members or admins has treated you wrong or was not abiding by our own rules, report that person to any of the other administrators. They will then deal with the matter.

-All other questions, comments, or concerns should be brought to the attention to any one of our admin staff.

Kind regards,
The |DD| Administration Team
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