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Have You Been Banned?
Have You Been Banned? 11-18-2014, 02:59 PM
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Hello all Banned Players,

Please follow the procedures listed below:

1) If you have been banned and think that this was in error or would like to request that we lift the ban, please start a new topic, don't just add onto someone else's topic.

2) State your Game Name, GUID, UUID, or whatever would be appropriate for the game you are playing. (if you know it).

3) Please specify which server and game you were banned from. Also include the approximate time and/or date the ban occurred.

4) State the reasons why you believe you were banned and why we should unban you.

Be Polite.

Be Patient.

Be Honest.

You should understand that when we review your request, we will also be reviewing the game logs from when you were banned. If you waste our time by lying, don't expect to be unbanned anytime soon.

We will always consider your request and review the evidence with an open mind.

Thank You and Enjoy your Stay,

The |DD| Administration Team
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