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Full Version: RO2/RS western front mod "Heroes of the West"
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This is a free mod for R02 that is for WW2 western theatre. I just downloaded it last night. Wondering if some of the old RO2 crowd want to try and give it a shot.
Heya Mic, how goes?

I was really interested in this one for a bit and at one point I was planning to join and help them by making a custom map for it as well, but I just didnt have enough time and I got bogged down with other stuff. But playing it, that could be fun indeed, specially if we get a bunch of the old ro2 crew on TS and in the game.

I dont have loads of time, specially very late at night is tricky most times, but one of these coming weekends I might be able to. Hopefully we can get a few more guys on for that!

To be continued, hopefully.. Salut

Happy Easter!

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